I was contacted by a seller who had read the HYPE on email pitches to retail stores and wondered “why include thumbnail photos when a line sheet contains all the product photos a retail store owner needs to make their decision?”.

A very valid question that I’m happy to answer for those starting the process of getting their work into stores the DIY way. The reason I recommend you always include a couple thumbnail shots of your best selling products is because it gives the email recipient a teaser into the types of products you carry and will greatly increase the chances of your line sheet being opened or your website being viewed.

Tiny tip: Thumbnails are the perfect size for your email pitches so avoid including larger photos in your messages. If you do opt for larger sized pics, you risk the email being denied if the mailbox is close to capacity. A small photo is also the perfect way to give the buyer a little visual glimpse into your product without giving all the goods away.

{Featured Image via Stephanie Corfee}