I thought it would be fun to share a breakdown of the email pitch I sent to retail stores that helped get my jewelry line in 12 retail stores. Here’s a look:

→ I would always use an actual name if I knew it (and calling the store is a great way to get the name).

I think my jewelry collection would be a perfect match for your customers because I carry fun, flirty and whimsical pieces that any girl would love!
→ Most of the stores I contacted were kitchsy, girly and a perfect match for my line. You would use a similar message tweaked to your market as a way to show the store that your items are great for their customers.

My name is Justine Smith, I am a jewelry designer based in Toronto. I have been open on Etsy for 2 months and have been picked out of thousands for the front page five times. In addition, I have had over 140 sales and custom orders from brides to be.
→ Introducing yourself keeps things professional and adding anything bragworthy is important to establish that you’ve tested the market and have found success moving your product and gaining attention.

My items are now being carried in boutiques in Toronto, Ontario and Woodstock, NY. The photo attached is my best seller “Happy Necklace” in yellow.
→ I didn’t have this line in the original pitches but added it in shortly after my first few wholesale orders to further add in noteworthy information about my company.

Please find in this email my wholesale line sheet and order form for your consideration. If you would like to place an order but have further questions, please contact me at any time.
→ The line sheet is what helped me get orders. I didn’t include one in my original pitches and rarely heard back from anyone. Once I included the professional specs and prices, I had much better luck.

Thank you for your thoughts,

~ Justine Smith

So that’s really it! Hope this gives you some insight into how to approach retail stores via email. Use it on your journey to wholesale success.