If you’ve ever dreamed of getting your products into a retail store, it can be as simple as sending off an email!

Sure, there are other ways you can attempt to woo a buyer or shop owner such as pitching them in person or on the phone, but with email even the shyest entrepreneur can make a big impact and boost sales just with a few simple steps:

1. When you have a shop you’re interested in pitching, visit their website and look for a contact email address. If there isn’t one, you’re going to have to make a quick phone call to ask.

2. Construct a short and simple pitch email and be sure to include a personal detail or two to show the buyer you’re not just sending a standard template to a lot of stores.

3. Your email should also include a couple thumbnail photos of your work, a line sheet with wholesale pricing and a request to meet in person, should you live in the area. By meeting in person, you’ll have a better chance of securing a larger order since the buyer can see all of your products in person.

Once you’ve sent out your pitch email, give the store at least a week to consider your products before following up. For every 10 stores you contact, it’s likely only one will get back to you and even then it could be a no. Just remember to dust your shoulders off and continue plugging away – you need to email tons of stores to start getting the attention you deserve.

{Featured Image via My Tudut}