Before I get nasty comments, let me say that I’m not against Etsy.  In fact, I still have some work on Etsy and sell regularly day in and day out.  BUT I also have my own website because while Etsy is a great starting point, it should never be your ending point.

Want to know why you shouldn’t stick solely with Etsy as your online shop and presence?  Let’s go through the 10 Reasons Why Etsy is a Starting Point (but only a starting point).

10. If your customer’s friend asks them where they got your product, they’ll answer, ‘Etsy!’ And then what are the chances they’ll be able to search Etsy effectively enough to find you?

9. Every time Etsy changes something, you’re stuck adhering to those changes, no matter if it destroys your SEO unless you spend 8 hours re-configuring every tag and description in your class.

8. You’re limited in how many videos you can show off.

7. You can’t have a mailing list sign-up and thus you can’t keep in contact with your past customers.  Did you know that a mailing list is your #1 money maker?

6. You get hit by double fees every time you sell something.

5. You’re stuck in the low price atmosphere that Etsy users have created and thus the customers are sucked into it too.

4. Everyone can see how successful (or not) you are thanks to the stats on the side.  It doesn’t let you quite ‘fake it till you make it’.

3. Etsy can’t automatically send files if you have a digital item.  Thus it’s more work for you.

2. You can’t tie it to your blog in terms of one website for Google search engines.

1. It holds you back from developing your own site and becoming a true maker and business owner, not just an Etsy seller.  Mentally, you have a harder time seeing yourself as a business owner.

I’m curious to know how many of you have an Etsy shop AND your own site.  How has it grown your business to use Etsy as a starting point?