Product: The Art of Earning e-book

Creator: Tara Gentile

Claim to Fame: Creative business coach and blogger behind and Scoutie Girl and official kicker behind Website Kickstarter.

Star Rating: 5 stars!!!

What it includes:

  • 79 life-altering pages full of motivational insight and quotes

What we loved about it!

Even when you escape the corporate world, you’re still enclosed in the ‘paycheck prison’.  Tara examines this unique mentality our society has crafted and shows you how to get right in your relationship with money.  Her book teaches you to see the true worth of your service or product and chucks out the shame you feel charging $100 an hour for your consultation or $200 for your leather purse, all because Tara shows you how to see the value you are giving your customers

What makes Tara’s book unique?

It’s not a how-to but more of a ‘think about it’ book.  Her explosive insight encourages long thoughts about your relationship with money and how it affects your business choices.  Get right with your money and you might just change your entire business strategy.

Best of the best!

Every chapter ends with awesome ‘For Your Consideration’ questions that really get your juices flowing.  They encourage you to get in touch with your perceptions on money and the value of your work. 

By knowing the difference you make in their lives, you can be more confident in what you charge.  More confidence equals more money flowing into your business, and thus more power to make a difference in the world.  A difference you can make by investing in your own business or the business of other artists, other charities, or other movers and shakers.  Tara’s book, “The Art of Earning,” is one of those wonderful reads that unfolds more wisdom each time you revisit it.