Happy New Year!  It’s so wonderful to be back here at Create Hype!  I hope you enjoyed your week off.  I was a complete lazy butt and spent the week doing puzzles, playing Wii, drooling over my new ice cream maker, and reading a book a day.  I loved it!

But now it’s time to get back to work, back to dreaming big, back to conquering a new year.  Are you ready to move mountains?  Have you written your goals for 2012?  Have you written your resolutions?

This month marks a great new start on Create Hype.  We’ll be sharing amazing guest posts that will help you stick to your big goals.  I’ll be interviewing some entrepreneurs who are making a living doing what they love, which is always inspiring.  I’ll be telling you about some great new products and e-books I discovered that will help you write a creative business plan (believe me, it’s a good one), learn how to master social media like a person, not a machine, and show you how to keep your blog full of great content that encourages your readers to interact.

So, are you excited for the prospects of the new year?  Are you eager to see what we’ll be posting here?  I hope so!  I certainly am!  I’ll see you back here tomorrow morning with our first guest post!

{Featured image via Vintage Confections}