Today’s interview is a little different but I’m very excited to share my chat with Tina of Fast Geek Boutique, a local shop in Denver, Colorado!  If you’ve ever entertained the idea of opening a brick and mortar yourself, you’re going to love what Tina has to say!  This interview is full of great advice and inspiration. 

In case some people don’t know about your amazing shop, would you mind giving them a little peek into what lovely things you create and sell there?

Fast Geek Boutique is a locally owned and operated boutique, focusing on one of a kind clothing, and art work. We sell hand made, unique, vintage inspired, and custom clothing, made for all shapes and sizes. The majority of the clothing is made in house by my self. We sell art work by Vincent Cheap (Fasano) my love and business partner, as well as other local artists. 1st Fridays we feature a new artist in our front parlor, with entertainment, and refreshments. It is very fun put it on your calender our 1st Friday Parties will start up again in March, don’t miss it. Other things sold in the shop are locally made unique hand crafted jewelry and accessories. Vinny and I are music lovers, we have some awesome talented friends that allow us to also sell vinyl and cd’s we sell music from Suburban Home Records, Owned and Operated, and Hot Congress. Fast Geek Boutique also sells poetry, books and other readings by Fast Geek Press, Analog Empire, Yellow Rake and more. Check us out on Facebook; we are always posting our new creations, and events.

You’re both artists in your own fields.  What made you decide to take the business and financial leap to opening a brick and mortar shop?

We both needed studio space, for me sometimes it’s hard to create at home, there are always so many distractions, not to mention the mess I make when I am working on new projects. So we got a space to display our work. To be fair it was not much of a financial leap, we are both very thrifty, and opened our first space with $600.00

What’s the one thing you wish you’d known before opening your doors?  (Or just one little piece of advice for those readers thinking of opening a shop themselves.)

Just that you should always trust your self, don’t give up or get discouraged. Sometimes you have to make your self do things you don’t want to do. If you are a good genuine person, and business owner good people will want to surround you, and good things will come to you.

Your shop really supports local artists and vintage finds.  What made the two of you decide to niche your shop as you did?

I have always been into the vintage look since I was young, so the vintage feel is something I just always likes to surround my self with. Vinny has always surrounded himself by art work and the music seen.  The shop is kind of just a collection of items that we both enjoy. It is just a place where we can display our interests, hobbies, and things that entertain us, as well a the work and interests of our friends. We are lucky to have so many talented and creative friends to help us along the way.

You have come such a long way since you started your business.  At any point were you worried it wouldn’t work?  And what helped you push on to get to where you are today?

I am still worried sometimes, but I keep at it, and know that it will pay off. What helps the most is that I have a ridiculously supportive boyfriend, as well as awesome family and friends.

Is that little idea to open a shop bubbling up now?  Run with it today!  And if you’re in the area, be sure to pop by Fast Geek Boutique!