You’re at a breaking point.

You desperately need help running your small business but can’t afford to hire anyone.

It’s so frustrating when you want to focus on your exciting, high-leverage projects but are forced to spend most of your time taking care of mundane details, which you’re not even good at!

It’s terrifying when you’re constantly worried about dropping one of your juggling balls.

It’s exhausting to never be on top of things and never have time for yourself or your family.

So now’s the perfect time to step into your role as CEO of your company. . .and that requires letting go and delegating.


Here’s how. . .


We often refrain from asking for help because we don’t want to admit we can’t—or don’t want to—do something.

Look. I know you’re a smart cookie who can figure out practically anything if you put
your mind to it. But it’s not always wise to do everything yourself.

So my #1 piece of advice is to find out about trading services with people who excel at things you’re not good at, don’t know much about, or just can’t stand doing.

Consider offering in return a free one-on-one consultation, admission to one of your special events, and/or access to your online trainings.

Tip: The best way to ensure a positive outcome from trading is to create a simple written agreement that clearly specifies what each person is offering.


Interns are a great option if you’re looking for free assistance.

Instead of paying them, you mentor them by taking them under your wing, offering an in-depth insider’s perspective on what it takes to run a business, and creating the opportunity for them to gain valuable hands-on professional experience. Let them know that if they do a great job, you’ll write them a glowing recommendation for their LinkedIn profile.

Tip: As always, create guidelines to clearly communicate what needs to be done, how things need to be done, and when they need to be completed. Check in with them on a regular basis to make sure things are going smoothly.


Finding an inexpensive yet skilled specialist is not as hard as it used to be, so let your hunt for help begin!

Check out (a database of professionals, who take on projects for just $5) as well as and

Tip: To find the right person on these large databases, you’ve got to know exactly which skills candidates need to possess and have a strategy for choosing between them.


Delegate non-business-related tasks by asking for help with time-consuming responsibilities like household chores, grocery shopping, cooking, and dropping off/ picking up kids. Don’t forget to enlist your kids. It’s good for them to help!

Tip: Stop silently accepting additional responsibilities. Though you mean well, pretty soon your frustrations about not being able to manage it all will spill over into your personal life, negatively affecting the very people you wanted to help.


Start by taking small steps forward.

Figure out one or two things you can delegate in your business and personal life.

Let me know what you decide (and how it goes!) by leaving a comment below.

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