Nothing makes us happier than when one of our own readers creates an amazing guide for the rest of us!  Deby Coles has just released her e-book, 20 Tips for Etsy Success.  If you want to fine-tune your shop to turn lookers into buyers you’ll definitely want to snatch up this book.

Product: 20 Tips for Etsy Success

Creator: Deby Coles

Claim to Fame: Owner of Summer ScentSations

Star Rating: 4 stars

What it includes:

  • 34 page e-book
  • List of ways to promote your Etsy shop
  • Product Costing, Wholesale, and Retail Pricing Guide

What we loved about it!

This e-book doesn’t waste any time listing out 20 tips for Etsy success.  Whether you’ve had a shop for a year or have just opened the doors, you’ll find lots of good advice.  So many of the mistakes sellers make are simple to fix but it’s hard to spot them when you spend so much time staring at your shop.  Deby’s book points out the things right in front of your face and helps you make the tweaks that will increase your revenue and turn your customers into repeat buyers.

What makes this e-book unique?

As a seasoned Etsy seller herself, Deby knows all too well the common mistakes Etsy sellers make when they set up their shop.  She lists out some great ideas of way to deal with unhappy customers (in a way that doesn’t hurt your feedback), avoid the ‘garage sale’ shop look, and turn your product listings from the ‘homemade’ appearance to ‘handmade’ best-seller.

Best of the best!

Bonuses!  In the back of the book, there are several great bonus guides including a whole page of links to other Etsy resources and a list of ways to promote your shop for maximum success.

Want to make sure you’re avoiding costly mistakes in your Etsy shops?  Ready to boost your sales thanks to a few tweaks and mindset changes?  You’ll definitely enjoy this extremely helpful and extremely well-priced e-book, 20 Tips for Etsy Success.  Make sure you’re not turning potential customers away because of bad introductions, improper banner images, or uninspiring product descriptions.