Product: Zero to Facebook

Creator: Laura K. Roeder

Claim to Fame: The social media guru behind LKR.  Also Rich, Happy, and Hot B-School partner with Marie Forleo.

Star Rating: 5 Stars!!!!

What it includes:

  • Over 1 hour of videos
  • Worksheets
  • List of conversation starters to get your fans excited and engaged
  • List of useful Facebook apps

What I loved about it!

Laura is all about simple, eye-opening explanations.  I had a Facebook fan page but I honestly didn’t know how to use it effectively.  I felt like I was begging people to ‘like’ me and pestering them too often with blog post links.  And I certainly felt pretty darn crummy if I posted something and no one responded.  Laura really understands that.  She knows that for the majority of us, the problem isn’t social media stupidity but rather a misunderstanding of Facebook’s function and purpose.  Her videos explain how you can use Facebook as an effective marketer AND how your fans can use your Facebook page.  That was my biggest problem…I wasn’t making my Facebook page with my fans in mind.

What makes Laura’s e-course unique?

Zero to Facebook embraces business owners at all levels of their Facebook business page experience.  If you’re like me and already have a business page, you can jump right into a series of videos that explains how to market your page and create a place of interaction for your fans.  If you don’t have a fan page yet, or if you don’t even know what this Facebook this is, Laura has a set of videos just for you!  That series walks you through every step of designing your page and what all those tabs mean.  (There’s also a special video teaches you how to track your conversions from Facebook.)  I loved Laura’s personal approach and humor because it relieved all of my fears of simply being an idiot when it came to Facebook.  I was also worried I wouldn’t have time for another social media task but Laura has a ton of automation strategies so that I hardly have to manually post on my wall at all.

Best of the best?

Advertising battle plans.  Not only does Laura break down the strategies for an effective and efficient Facebook fan page that excites your fans, she gives you a killer, 3-step  plan to grow your fan base into eager and engaged customers.  Laura’s last video then walks you through each step of creating a Facebook ad campaign, from choosing your target audience to setting your budget.  These two items alone make Laura’s course worth it!

If you have a Facebook fan page but aren’t seeing the ‘likes’, comments, or enthusiasm you dream of, Zero to Facebook is the perfect way to get your business ready for the holidays.  I can’t tell you how frustrated I was before I watched Laura’s videos.  I would post comments and blog posts and get absolutely no responses.  Nothing.  My number of fans wasn’t budging and I was just about ready to throw in the towel and call it quits for Facebook.  But now I realize that I wasn’t giving my fans anything to get excited about!  I was sharing TOO LITTLE information and pictures and posts.  I wasn’t asking their opinions or even speaking to them.  It took me a bit to change my Facebook habits but ever since my page has become a place of discussion and ‘likes’ all around.  And even if you’re completely new to Facebook, Laura’s videos are a great way to get started the right way!