We get asked this ALL the time and it’s a very big question because it determines not only how you spend your time but who is getting your messages.
Here’s the ONE answer to this very big question: It depends on your customers!
You know the saying that the customer is always right?  Well, it’s true here too and the customer also determines where you should be sharing your amazing gifts.
Confused?  Let’s break it down.
Twitter relies on conversation.  It’s a way for your customers to get to know you in a more personal and casual way.  Most Twitter users are younger, more tech-savvy, enjoy connecting with people they don’t know personally on a daily basis.  They also love chatting.
Facebook is more of a broadcasting platform where you post your new blog posts, products shots, sales, surveys, etc.  Facebook users range from teenagers to grandmas.  The people who love Facebook are on there to keep up with family and friends.  They’ll check less often than Twitter users but they want to be up-to-date on the big news from you.
They still both sound good, right?  There’s nothing that says you can’t use both!  In fact, most people do!  But if you don’t want to keep splitting your time, or if you feel your social media is not giving you the response you want, then think about this: where are your customers?
How old are your customers?  How often do they want to hear from you?  Do they follow other businesses on Facebook or Twitter?  Do they want just the big news or do they want to chat with you about things in the works, offer advice for new shops to pitch, etc?
If your customers aren’t on Facebook (or spend much less time there than on Twitter), then use Hootsuite to post important news BOTH to Twitter and Facebook.  Time saved!  Or, if your customers don’t like Twitter, then just focus on Facebook and a mailing list!  There’s nothing that says you have to do everything on every platform because if your customers aren’t there, you’re wasting your time!  And we all know time is the one resource we don’t have enough of.

Make a profile of your customers and figure out which platform they prefer: Facebook or Twitter.  Or post a survey and ask people how they connect with you AND how they would prefer to connect with you.  Then focus your attention on the site where your customers actually are!  You’d be amazed by how much interaction and sales you’ll get that way!

{Featured image via Curateur}