So  many of us do EVERYTHING in our business but did you know that hiring a go-getting marketing expert can free up time for you to do what you really love AND help your social media marketing soar?  I had the extreme pleasure this week of chatting with Katrina Padron of Create Communities about marketing in the new age of the creative solopreneur.  I know you’re going to get so much advice, inspiration, and ideas from the interview!

In case some people don’t know how amazing you are, would you mind sharing a bit about yourself and your business?

I passionately believe that the more people we connect, the more people get involved. I am an ex-Director of Marketing who (at age 28) left my career to pursue my passion – using social media to build communities of raving fans for your business.

Marketing used to mean getting an agent, sending out press releases, and making lunch dates but your business really focuses on social media.  Why do you feel social media is so important for a creative solopreneur?

People have always preferred to do business with people they know, like and trust.

Word of mouth has always been the most effective marketing tool.

Whatʼs different is the power that Facebook and Twitter have for entrepreneurs. We can see everything that our friends and family recommend, like and share. We can talk to anyone and any level without going through gate keepers. We are simply connected.

So, I still do those things like lunch dates and pitching the media, but generally it’s with someone I found on Twitter and then built a relationship with.

Many of us think that we can do everything for our business ourselves.  What are the advantages to having a great marketer like you on our team?  Or, what can be gained from a few of your services/products? 

Thatʼs so common…wanting to do everything yourself, but the best way to grow your business is to do the things you are good at and the things that make you money. Creative entrepreneurs are very skilled at their craft, but they usually donʼt have much time to figure out their entire marketing strategy. Entrepreneurs (especially just starting out) are bootstrapping and they want to do everything themselves. The downside is that it takes away from their craft (their money maker). Social media strategist are able to really dig in and create a community of fans who love what you do and happily spread the word about your products and services.

You were an Award Winning Director of Marketing before you left the corporate world.  Was there any time when you struggled with your new business and thought of throwing in the towel?  How did you overcome that obstacle?

Yes. Starting is the bumpiest (those days when you have zero clients, zero confidence, zero fans, zero followers), but I know the exact moment when I knew the corporate world wasnʼt for me. Someone asked me, “So, how long before you get your bossʼ job?” I instantly gave a full bodied, “Oh, I donʼt want that.” But, if I stayed there, that was the path.

I am clear on the life I want to live. When you know that, itʼs easier to get through the bumpy times.

Anything else you’d like to tell us?

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For even more tips and tricks for marketing effectively with social media, check out Katrina’s blog!