This one is for all of you hungry for hard-core business advice, tips, and tricks for launching an online business.  I’m excited to share the most complete program I’ve found yet for entrepreneurs who want to leave the 9-5 and start their own online shop.  Whether you’re just dreaming of opening a shop or you’ve been in business for a bit but haven’t been able to put in your two-week notice yet, you’ll want to take a peek at today’s review.

Product: How to Create a Profitable Online Store

Creator: Steve

Claim to Fame: Blogger behind My Wife Quit Her Job

Star Rating: 5 Stars!!

What it includes:

  • Comprehensive course materials in PDF form
  • 9 modules and over 50 lessons
  • Spreadsheets to help you find your niche
  • Worksheets
  • Checklists for launching your site
  • Questionaires to choose a shopping cart
  • Over 30 hours of video
  • Live Office Hours (Q & A calls)

What I loved about it!

Steve’s course is 4 years of college business classes and every business book at your library rolled into one program.  His analytical approach helped me hone even further into a niche market and find some wonderful new wholesale sources for my supplies.  Nothing better than cutting expenses!  His program covered everything from setting up an online shop to going through all the legal work for a small business.  There were entire modules devoted to marketing, SEO, and Google page ranking, things that had always seemed over my head prior to watching his videos.  In all honesty, I couldn’t believe how much information he fit into this one course!

What makes Steve’s course unique?

Steve comes at the online business world from the more traditional business field.  This offers a great new insight into running an online business and allows you to use the in-depth information whether you’re selling supplies, products, or services.  He also plays a huge role in the course with the Office Hour calls (what we often refer to as Q & A calls) and the ability to email him any question that comes to mind.  He’s really put everything he’s learned from helping his wife launch a 100K online shop (in one year!) into this course.  So you know you’ve got lots to learn.

Best of the best?

Videos!  This course has over 30 hours of videos that cover everything from the PDF lessons (the print forms of modules) but in greater depth.  He also converts the Office Hour calls into videos just in case you miss the live call.  Personally, I love videos because I can take my own notes and fit them into my day between other tasks or over my lunch.

If you want to jumpstart your online business or really just want one course/book/program that will tell you all you need to know, check out How to Create a Profitable Online Store.  While slightly less ‘crafty’ and ‘creative’ than other programs I’ve reviewed here, Steve fills his course with advice that comes both from the 9-5 work world and the solopreneur world.  It’s a wonderful mix that will give you a leg up so you can finally start the work life you’ve always dreamed of living.