Is WordPress Only for Blogs?

You’ve heard of WordPress, right? You know people use it for blogging. But sometimes you hear about people using it for a website or even an online shop. What’s the deal? Isn’t WordPress just for blogs? WordPress did originally start out as a blogging platform, meaning it was just for blogs. But it’s been eating its spinach and growing big and strong. WordPress is now a hugely powerful publishing platform that allows you to create any type of website: a blog, a regular website, a regular website with a blog, an e-commerce store, an online portfolio, even an online game. So to answer your question…

Is WordPress only for blogs? NOPE!

By the way, we’re talking about self-hosted WordPress on your own domain name, not a free blog at You can use WordPress to make a regular website for your business. If you also want a blog on that website, WordPress can do that too. You even get to choose where the blog appears on your website. One out of every five websites on the Internet uses WordPress. Even Fortune 500 companies like PlaystationBest Buy and Public Storage use WordPress.

Here are some examples of the many different kinds of websites made with WordPress:


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