Sometimes marketing can seem like the hardest, most complicated thing in the world to do.  Oftentimes, though, it can be simple, fast, and highly-effective.  Today we’re talking about how email signatures are the perfect places to market your amazing website.

I write a lot of emails every day.  I pitch magazines and blogs.  I ask other artists about the possibility of collaborating.  I take a leap and email someone I see as my ‘unknowing’ mentor to ask them a question or tell them how much I loved their latest blog post.  Every time one of these emails goes out, a little piece of my business goes with it as a breadcrumb back to me: my email signature.

At the end of every email, I’ve set up an auto-generated signature to read:

~ Megan

“rekindle your wonder”

Studio MME

It’s short and simple.  It tells people my name, my tagline, my business name, and an active hyperlink to my website.

Not only does this marketing breadcrumb encourage people to click the link and check out my work, but it allows them a way to find my site again when they reply to the email.

As the community coordinator for Create Hype, I also receive lots and lots of emails and nothing makes me more irked than when I’m answering an email and can’t remember who ‘Sally’ is.  Sally left me just her name in the signature.  I have no way of remembering what she does or how to find her website.  Now I either have to do lots and lots of digging, email her to ask her what she does, or pass off on the email because I know it’s hopeless.

That is NOT what you want people to do when you send them an important email so please PLEASE have an active URL link in your signature.  Better yet, put the name of your business so it can jog the recipient’s memory.

What does your email signature look like?

{Featured image via Letter Kay}