If you were asked this question what would you say? I’m hedging a bet that you might tell me all about that delicious macadamia nut and sweet Thai chili sauce you smother your stirfrys and pastas with that people just love.

But I’m not talking about your cooking skills. I’m talking about the unique thing about you that makes you so special.

You’d be surprised how many entrepreneurs can’t define what it is that makes them unique. Why their ideal clients and customers should buy from them, or work with them. Or what that indefinable natural gift, prized asset, piece of knowledge or skill that sets them apart from the rest actually is.

Yet it’s that very USP – your Unique Special Proposition – that will set you up for your success in business. Why? Well it applies to everything you do and everything you are.

If you can not tell someone in a sentence or less why it is that they should trust in you, connect with you online, sign up to your newsletter, buy your products and services and walk to the end of the earth for you, then someone else will. And that someone will also have a thriving business while you struggle to attract the right people to work with you and get paid what your worth.

Well don’t worry as I’m going to walk you through it once and for all. Ready?

How to develop your USP (aka special sauce)

Firstly, answer them yourself. Secondly, get someone who knows you and your work well to answer them –your customers, colleagues or friends. That’s where you come in.
This is because a USP is about other people’s perceptions of you. What makes you remarkable in their eyes may not be obvious to you.

Below are the questions you need to ask yourself and I’ve provided my answers to give you an example.

1. What are you better at than anyone else?
Being open to change and learning new things. I like to think I’m someone who lives a life of adventure, constantly challenging myself. My friends say I’m a motivating type and a connector.

2. What do you enjoy doing the most?
The art of entrepreneurship, travelling the world, meeting new friends who I inspire or am inspired by, and playing Ultimate Frisbee (and sports in general).

3. What do (or could) you provide that no one else is providing?
Show you how to run a thriving online business from anywhere in the world online tools and social media to streamline your work and free up time to do other fun things.

4. What annoys people the most about your industry?
A lot of people talking the talk but not walking the walk of a life of personal freedom. Tim Ferris does not work a 4-hour work week nor would he want to. I’m not interested in never working. I love what I do.

If I won the lottery tomorrow it would not make me happier because I am doing exactly what I want to be doing. That’s where I want to help other people. To get to their ultimate place of happiness and personal freedom.

5. What is remarkable about you?
I believe I’m remarkable for having an eternally optimistic love of life that sees me through. (You can read what others say about me on the ‘Testimonials Wall’, it reminds me why I do what I do to touch the lives of others – and gives them a shout out too. Thank you all).

6. Do you have an unusual combination of elements?
I’m an integrated marketer who loves new technology and sharing how to use it effectively with others. I am a free spirit with a strategic business mind and a unique ability to cut to the chase on helping others gain clarity on their business ideas or business models so they can get on with being successful and

7. Do you have a big personality?
I’m not Gary Vaynerchuk. But I have a big sense of adventure, a Kiwi accent, a cheeky sense of humour and the ability to laugh at myself. I just wish I could project my voice more!

8. Write a USP statement
This acts as a reminder of what makes you distinctive and here’s the format to follow:

I am unique and different because I provide [USP] which no one else in my field provides. No one else can or will provide this because [insert reason].

So now step up and do this exercise for yourself. Then practice it on everyone and everywhere. It should roll of your tongue naturally and feel right to you. It should jazz you up and leave you energized and feeling on purpose.

So what’s your special sauce then?