Promote with Pinterest | Create Hype

Now that the holiday rush is over, it’s time to review what went well with your marketing, things that could have been improved, and where you want to position your business for the next big upswing in sales. Hopefully you had a fantastic season, but either way, it’s time to start prepping for how best you can capture your ideal buyer’s attention with today’s opportunities right now!

And there’s no better time to capitalize on all that Pinterest traffic.  Business just continues to stream from this visual network.  Positioning yourself to take advantage of the brand and product awareness it creates is a must for almost any seller.

Look at these crazy numbers from this holiday season: on Cyber Monday, sales that came to retailers through Pinterest grew by 260%. And, this is the key part: there wasn’t even increased traffic on Pinterest that day! That means that Pinterest users are getting more and more comfortable moving from browsing to buying.  Cha-Ching!

Here’s another number: Pinterest’s share of social-generated e-commerce is close to that of Facebook’s, but with only four percent as many monthly active users!

So there is no way you want to miss out on the ever-increasing traffic AND sales leads that you’ll find from having a pin-worthy presence on Pinterest.

Why not start 2014 creating a plan to work the boards for your next big swing in traffic and purchases? Believe it or not, the next sales season is around the corner as we head into Valentine’s Day, closely followed by Easter, Mother’s Day, graduation and wedding season, etc. There is never a lag for online sales!

But to use Pinterest for business, you need to do much more than just create boards with beautiful images. You have to be strategic.

Here are a few tips to the perfect Pinterest strategy:

1. Create a strategy based on fresh content.

Creating a schedule for posting makes it that much easier to be consistent. And it’s smart to put up new images regularly– If your boards get stale, you won’t stay top of mind with your followers. And it’s important to post a wide variety of images, since users can tire of a board filled solely with product shots. Think of the lifestyle your ideal client is seeking.  But, to make sure that you are maximizing your Pinterest presence, be certain that a good number of your curated pins link directly back to your website to capture sales.

2. Be social and shareable!

Beyond simply repinning, liking and following, reach out and connect. When someone comments or repins your content, send them a shout-out. Comment on other people’s boards, especially those you consider tastemakers in your field.  Engage with other pinners and share the Pinterest love.

3. Make it easy to be found.

Pinterest is a search platform so think about what your ideal clients may be browsing.  And it’s a virtual vision board and wish list, so ask yourself what your perfect peep is dreaming of when you start creating your boards.  What are the key words she might be playing with and using to organize her boards and images?  Be specific to your niche so you can be found.  Research trends.  Think themes related to your ideal customers’ lifestyle.

4. Go the extra mile.

Customers appreciate when you do more than just post a photo of your product. Give them practical advice, or show them how your product can be integrated. For example, if you sell jewelry, show how different designs pair together, or showcase your items with new spring trends. If you sell beautiful scarves, demonstrate various ways to tie them.

Pinterest can be the ultimate way to “waste” precious time if we are not careful. BUT used correctly, it’s not only fun, it’s fruitful! Setting up a solid foundation through a strategic Pinterest plan provides a virtual showroom for all of those Pinterest browsers. Your ideal clients are scanning on their desktop, tablet and smartphones and scouring boards daily just waiting to discover your items so they can show them off to their own Pinterest followers. You want to make sure your goods make their way onto your customers’ virtual wish list board – and ultimately into their virtual shopping cart!

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