One of the best ways to improve your visibility is to make sure that your email signature contains information that others can act on. WiseStamp allows you to create custom email signatures that look professional, all the while encouraging recipients to take desired actions.

A Brief Look at WiseStamp

Your email represents a chance to try and improve your online positioning, whether you are trying to sell something, or whether you are hoping that a recipient will check out your Facebook page and become a fan. WiseStamp helps you create a clean, professional email signature without the annoying list-style that comes with many other email signatures.

WiseStamp integrates with various social media sites to help raise your visibility. You can customize your social icons, as well as create various templates that can be used when replying to specific email addresses, or accomplishing other tasks. Some of the sites that WiseStamp works with includes:

  • Twitter: Recipients can read your latest tweet, and even re-tweet it or reply to it from the email.
  • Facebook: Include your Facebook page in your signature, allowing recipients to easily like your page.
  • LinkedIn: Large social icon takes recipients right to your LinkedIn profile, where they can look at your resume and qualifications.
  • Ebay: Customize your signature to show the latest item you are selling on Ebay. A great way to bring awareness to your latest product offering.

There are other sites and apps available. It’s also possible, with some plans, to have email apps tailor made for your use. You can even have random quotes (decide whether you want “inspirational”, “funny”, or some other type of quote) added to your email signature. Whatever your style, WiseStamp can help you convey it through your email signature.

Customization is easy and straightforward. You can create multiple signatures for different purposes, and then decide which you want to use as you send email. There are four main plans offered with WiseStamp:

  1. Free: Limited options, but you can still customize an email signature that looks professional.
  2. Plus: This is a great deal, at $36 a year. You can create up to five email signatures, and customize social icons.
  3. Pro: The most popular plan, and the best value at $48 a year, is the Pro plan. You can create unlimited signatures, and even assign them to different addresses, as well as replies and forwards. This is a great option to further automate your interactions, while still providing a professional touch.
  4. Enterprise: You get access to all the Pro plan features, as well as central management and company branding. This costs $120 per year.

Most of those working to make money online won’t need the Enterprise Plan. The Plus or Pro plan is likely to work quite well. You get good value, since your WiseStamp can be customized to encourage action on the part of the recipient.

Online marketing is about remembering to help others make the right decision no matter the situation. Adding an action opportunity to the end of each email can really help you boost sales and conversions. WiseStamp offers you the chance to increase your visibility and engage your potential customers every time you send an email.