Time really is money, especially if you are trying to make money online. One of the best things you can do to maximize your earnings is to make the best possible use of your time, focusing on the activities that will help you build your online business, rather than get bogged down in trivial matters.

Among the biggest time wasters out there is answering emails. Of course, you need to answer emails in order to run a successful business. But how many emails do you send each day that address the same issues over and over again? Writing these types of emails repeatedly takes up your time. There’s no reason to let them overwhelm you, though. Your prices, specific guidelines, or frequently asked questions can all be addressed in canned emails, saving you time… allowing you to focus more on making money.

What is a Canned Email?

A canned email is one that you prepare ahead of time, and that can be used in a general setting. The email shouldn’t contain information specific to one client or customer. Instead, it should include regular information that you share with a large number of email correspondents.

If you receive regular requests for a price list, you can put together an email that includes this information. Your canned email responses should be professional sounding, and include common information. When someone emails you asking for information, you can reply with a response that you have already written out. No need to write an entirely new email.

Using Canned Email Responses

Most email accounts will let you set up canned responses. You can even set up multiple responses that work for different types of inquiries. That way, when you receive an email, you can simply select, usually from a drop down menu, a canned email response that fits the question. It takes less than 30 seconds. You can add a personalized salutation if you want, and then send the email on its way.

Even if you don’t use a canned response in your email account, you can still make use of the technique. At the very least, prepare a document, saved on your computer, containing possible responses to common emailed questions and issues. Then, you can copy and paste at least a portion of your responding email.

Once I started using canned responses, I found that I could save as much as an hour a day (and sometimes more) just by using email responses I had written previously. That’s time that can be used to improve my site, or do what I can to improve the conversion rates for my various programs. That time can be used to write new ad copy, or do any number of tasks that pile up when you run an online business.

Rather than repeating the same thing in email after email, consider using canned responses. You’ll find that they make email time go faster — and cut the tedium. You can use the time you save to engage in more profitable activities, and grow your business at a faster pace.