The new year is fast approaching and if you’re like me, you’re setting some BIG GORGEOUS GOALS for next year.  My goals include doubling my sales, self-publishing a book, and launching a new line of home decor items featuring my illustrations.  I also want to invest in my business.

My first investment (yes, I’ve already made it because I couldn’t wait until after the holidays – seriously, I’m like a kid on Christmas morning) is the Spark Kit by Danielle LaPorte.  If you’ve been in the creative business field for any length of time, I know you’ve heard of this absolutely amazing lady.  Part business guru, part philosopher, part fire-starter, Danielle’s kit represents not only an investment in my business’s success but the means to reach my other BIG GORGEOUS GOALS.

Here’s a little look at why I am in love with her kit and absolutely can’t wait for the new year to employ all of her teachings.

Product: The Spark Kit

Creator: Danielle LaPorte

Claim to Fame: Business blogger extraordinaire of White Hot Truth and business coach to hundreds.

Star Ratings: 5 Stars!

What it Includes:

  • 192 page e-book
  • 4 modules divided into a total of 19 sessions
  • 22 worksheets
  • 13 inspirational and instructional videos
  • Video transcripts

What I loved about it!

Before going through the Spark Kit, my business was in a rut.  Yes, I enjoyed it but I wasn’t waking up each morning excited to do it.  The honeymoon stage had passed and I was left with a feeling that I could do more but had no idea what to do to reach my goals.  The Spark Kit is just what its name suggests – an igniter.  It ignited my passion again because I learned how to clearly define it.  I learned how to define my goals and my personality.  In essence, I learned who I was.  Once I knew that, I could re-shape my business around my passion to ensure that I do wake up each morning thrilled to sit down and draw.  Danielle then teaches you what your website absolutely must have, how to promote like a rock star, and how to get right with your money in terms of how and where to invest.

What makes Danielle’s kit unique?

I immediately got the sense she cares about helping me learn how to do things ‘my’ way, the easy way, the way that blends my personality and passion.  She wants me to make amazing changes in the world.  She wants me to be on fire for my business!  Plus, there’s no denying that creativity and spirituality are entwined and Danielle understands that more than any other business coach I’ve worked with she knows exactly what to say to get my head and my heart into my work.

Best of the best!

The videos!  Danielle mixes inspirational videos of her own with interviews from Dyana Valentine, Chris Guillebeau, and Elizabeth Talerman.  The interview videos are amazing because of their killer advice on branding and running promotions but I personally loved the videos that just featured Danielle.  It’s one thing to read her words but when I heard the message straight from her, it skipped my brain and went right to my heart.  Every video left me scrambling for paper, pencil, and planner to set new intentions, write down new ideas, and dig deeper into the framework of my creative business.

So if one of your goals for 2012 is to get excited about your business, if you want to learn how to market and brand like a rock star, and if you want to get a spark lit that will grow into a blaze of success, then you owe it to yourself to check out Danielle’s Spark Kit.  At the very least, you’ll want to watch her 2-minute video that tells you all about it.