A few weeks ago, we talked about how non-profit projects can benefit your business and help you add dimension to your model. Today, I wanted to go a little deeper and talk about the ideas and concepts that drive modern philanthropy, and essentially, why they should matter to you.

The for-profit and non-profit sectors are truthfully not all that different. People may argue that non-profit is not really a “business.” I say it is; non-profit ventures are mission-driven– so are you. They rely on their tribes to spread the word and help them grow—so do you. They carefully manage expenses to maximize their bottom-line—so do you. The point here is…we can learn a lot from modern non-profit projects and apply those concepts to our own ventures.

The essence of modern philanthropy has changed greatly in recent years—born from a combination of changes in the economic landscape, technological advances, and generational shifts. No longer are we comfortable simply giving to the charity that sends us a calendar every year or the big names that we see on billboards and advertisements every day. We want something more—a movement. Attachment. Recognition.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the ideas that drive modern philanthropic efforts, shall we?

Community-Driven, yet Individual-Focused: We all want to be part of something bigger than ourselves. It’s just human nature. However, today’s giver wants to be recognized as an individual for their efforts, contributions, and actions.

Strong Identity: Modern projects have very specific objectives and a very clear concept anchoring them. This is what grabs the potential giver; they find something to connect to, something that stirs their core and pushes them to act.

Transparency: The modern giver is a savvy giver. They want to know exactly where their money (or effort, time, etc.) is going, who it’s going to, and why they should be a part of the venture. They do their research. They want to see results.

As you can see, the modern philanthropist is a conscious philanthropist. Much like your modern customer is very conscious customer—disposable income is limited; there’s more of a shift towards quality goods than mass produced junk; they spend their money to support your missions and values.

How could you take these ideas on modern philanthropy and use them to refine your current projects?

I’d love to hear about it!

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