I love Facebook.  Who doesn’t?  But even though I have my page set up and I have people interacting from time to time, I still have trouble knowing what to post.  What will my fans like?  How do I get them to start conversing with me?  It was because of these worrisome questions that I picked up Jess’s book (for a very great price, I might add!) and I’m so glad I did!  Today I want to share my friend’s book with you and show you what she helped me learn.  (Yes, I consider Jess my friend after following and interacting with her on Twitter and Facebook.  If you want to see how someone successfully uses social media to show off their uniqueness while being oh-so-easy to chat with, check out Jess’s pages.)

Product: The Crafty Guide to Facebook

Creator: Jess Van Den

Claim to Fame: Jeweller, Creative Business Blogger, Publisher of *bespoke* zine.

Star Rating: 4 Stars!!

What it includes:

  • 29 page e-book
  • 2 videos on how to set-up your page and analyze Facebook ‘insights’ to discover your target market
  • Activity to learn your ‘core brand’ for all social media platforms
  • Giant list of content ideas

What I loved about it!

Jess keeps it short and sweet.  She touches on all the key issues from setting up a Facebook fan page (don’t worry, there’s a video for that), to reading your Facebook insights to find your target market (again, there’s a video for that), to interacting with your fans on a personal level.  Her advice is down to Earth and written so that even I could understand it.  After finishing this book, I have a great idea of who my target market is and what content to share to get the most interaction and traffic from them.

What makes Jess’s e-book unique?

Aim.  Jess is a jeweller, magazine editor, and blogger.  She understand how crafty people think and she’s tailored her whole book around helping people like you and me understand the advantages of creating consistent content and authenticity on Facebook.  The Crafty Guide to Facebook taught me how to show off my uniqueness (and my unique products) in a way that is honest, non-spammy, and creates conversation between me and my fans.  Jess also taught me how to set up a landing page that promotes my work and run a successful Facebook ad that specifically targets my target market (as discovered thanks to her video on reading my Facebook ‘insights’).

Best of the best?

It’s one thing to know you should put on your page.  It’s quite another to come up with what to post to engage your fans.  Jess’s book gave me a whole list of content ideas that will give me at least one month of consistent posts that will excite me and my fans.

Getting excited?  Ready to learn who your target market is and rock that niche?  Then you’ll want to check out Jess’s killer e-book, The Crafty Guide to Facebook.  It’s a great deal, especially for those who spent a lot on holiday gifts already this month, and you’ll be so happy you did.  I know I was.