Your Best Self | Create Hype


Who is your best self?

I love the idea of looking at your best self in the third person. I think you will, too. Consider this question: Who is your best self? Take a moment to write out a description about him or her.

For example, my best self is light-hearted and quick-to-laugh. She’s always careful with other people’s feelings. She is focused, driven and reliable. She’s loyal, and people are proud to have her in their corner. She’s dedicated and well-received, and she confidently invests in herself.

Once you have an idea of what your best self looks like, sit with these questions as you reflect back on last year:

  • How did you contribute to that version of yourself?
  • What has held you back from being your best self?
  • What has propelled you toward that vision of you?
  • How can you bring out more of your best self in 2014?
  • What habits can you adopt to bring out your best self more often?

Adopt a good habit

Here are some other examples of good habits to adopt to help you achieve what you want out of the year:

  • Be early
  • Schedule less
  • Slow down your pace
  • Speed up your pace
  • Limit internet clicking
  • Finish what you start before starting anything else
  • Organize your work space
  • Organize your whole house, for that matter
  • Declutter
  • Buy less/consume less
  • Go to bed earlier
  • Wake up earlier
  • Exercise more

Here’s wishing you the best of yourself in 2014!