Product: Storytelling for Creative Biz Success

Creator: Tara Gentile

Claim to Fame: Blogger behind Scoutie Girl and her own Tara Gentile site

Star Rating: 4 stars!!!

What it includes:

  • 49 page e-book
  • Several worksheets included

What I loved about it!

Tara takes my mother’s advice of, “Just be yourself,” to a whole new level and proves that it can be THE defining aspect of your business success.  People don’t just buy your product; they buy a piece of you!  They don’t just love your product; they love you!  By creating a story-driven site that focuses on your passions and tells the story of you AND your customer, your business becomes a trustworthy, friendly, exciting place to shop.  Tara’s book shows you how to find your passions and mold them into engaging content that will keep your shop visitors and blog readers alike coming back for more.

What makes Tara’s book unique?

Storytelling for Creative Biz Success takes a completely different approach to teaching you how to create content for your business blog and site.  Instead of focusing on keywords, SEO, and inbound links, Tara explains how writing for your customers and rocking your niche will draw in more attention than the latter.  When you write about your passions, that creates passionate readers, who in turn become the raving fans who just HAVE to call their friends when you launch a new product or service.

Best of the best!

A good e-book gives you all the information you need.  A great one takes you one step further and shows you how to use what you’ve just learned.  Tara created a great e-book because the entire last chapter is devoted to ‘putting it all together’.  She takes you through every step of writing a story-driven blog post or product description, from the central question to the anecdote.  In the end you have tons of new information, a sense of focus (since you know your story and how to share it), AND a great start on an amazing blog or site.

Storytelling for Creative Biz Success explores the human side of your business.  It merges basic storytelling techniques with social media to show you how to enhance, not advertise, your business.  It explains how passion creates passionate customers and how telling the story of your customers will earn you trust and a fanatic following who can’t wait to buy from you again and again.  I would heartily encourage you to pick up this e-book if you’re just starting your site or if you’d like to create a site you’re truly proud of.  Tara knows what she’s talking about and her book helps you write an about page that will sing, a blog post that will go viral, and a description that will sell repeatedly to your customers.