Face it – You’ve GOT to Shine on Facebook This Holiday Season!

With so many social media networks competing for attention, it’s hard to know where to focus your efforts. I love Twitter. I love Pinterest. I even love Google+. 

But I swear by Facebook for driving qualified traffic to my site. Why? Because it’s still the No. 1 GO TO for the majority of mainstream consumers.

But can it work for your business? YES! Think:

  • Reach: Facebook has over 1 BILLION users!
  • Trust: This is the network where everyone is a friend. The vibe is neighborhood gathering, casual, open.
  • Audience: Almost every business has prospects and customers hanging out on FB.

I’m sure you’re already on Facebook. But are you turning your presence into sales?

NOW is the time to really make your Facebook page delight, while the holiday selling season is just heading into full swing.

Holiday Offer | Create HypeI’m Laura Wallis, also known as the Web Navigator Gal, and I can help!

There are three main ways that Facebook can make your virtual cash register jingle by creating awareness for your products or services.

  1. Facebook ads – Ads are the best way to reach your audience FAST: they can often be approved in a few hours and you are ready to reach customers even those last few days and even hours before a holiday.
  2. Facebook posts – do you know how to increase engagement the right way?
  3. Facebook ecommerce store – if you are able to take advantage of linking a Facebook ecommerce store to your site, there are amazing ways to redirect traffic to your products and hear that virtual “ka-ching!”

These three powerhouses, when used separately or together, can create brand awareness, drive traffic to your products and services, and increase sales during the holiday rush.

But guess what? Even if you are utilizing this Power Trio, even if you have an amazing Facebook page, if you are not reaching the right person, the ideal fan, it doesn’t matter!

That’s where my $97 “60 minutes to the Right Facebook Fan” offer comes in.

Because you don’t want just “quality.” And you don’t want just “quantity.” For your selling season to shine, you need both. And I can get you there.

It’s not too late to reach your ideal fans. Let’s spend 60 minutes together and fix up your FB fan page fast so you’ll have more likes and sales coming in now, when it really counts. 

My special offer is for a personalized, customized, one-on-one session where we can dig deep into who your ideal customer is and how to reach them.

During our time together we’ll:

  • Identify specific ways to improve the look + function of your page
  • Define your ideal customers (and where to find them)
  • Create a customized strategy to get the RIGHT likes for your business
  • Optimize the layout of your best content
  • Craft your very first Facebook “approval ready” ads
  • Turn looks into likes, and likes into purchases – it’s all about conversion!

I want to make sure that you are capturing all the traffic you can during the holiday season –and all year long!

This isn’t a group course or a high-priced program. It’s affordable one-on-one time where we will focus on your specific business goals because that’s where you will see the biggest results for your investment.

Spots are first-come, first-served, so grab yours today!