The holiday season and the subsequent New Year’s always means cleaning out your home and your life.  Are you ready to expand your business into a spare bedroom?  Do you want to make some extra money on the side?  Adam Baker’s collection of Sell Your Crap guides offers insight and assistance to help you clean the clutter out of your home/studio and put more cash in your wallet.  Besides his motivational main guide, he includes 3 separate guides for eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist.

Product: Sell Your Crap

Creator: Adam Baker

Claim to Fame: Blogger behind Man vs. Debt

Star Rating: 5 stars!!!

What it includes:

  • 67 page e-book – Main Guide
  • 41 page e-book – A definitive guide to selling your crap on Amazon
  • 49 page e-book – A definitive guide to selling your crap on Craigslist
  • 171 page e-book – A definitive guide to selling your guide on eBay

What I loved about it!

There’s no denying that Americans have too many things.  There’s also no denying all that clutter weighs down our creativity, complicates our desire for world travel, and ties up part of our income that could go toward our business.  Adam’s guide helps you determine what to sell and how to sell it effectively online.  I finished reading his main guide and instantly created a ‘to go’ pile!  I’ve since cleared out part of my clothes closet and moved my extra art supplies into it, making my studio a much less cluttered place to work.

What makes Adam’s e-books unique?

Adam doesn’t just give you the steps and motivation to de-clutter.  He goes 10 steps further and walks you through the online selling processes for Amazon, eBay, and Craigslist.  There’s everything from photography tips to how to construct a compelling description.  Also, he tells you how to do your research to ensure you’re asking the right price for your goods.  If you’ve ever wanted to be a master seller, these are without question the books for you!

Best of the best!

So many guides!  I love that Adam provides a guide for all of the major sales platforms.  Each has its niche when it comes to what sells well so providing guides for each of them (packed with start-up info, selling tips, and a few tricks) ensures you’re able to sell everything that lands in your ‘to go’ pile.

Whether you’re cleaning out your house to make room for your expanding business or you just want to make a ton of money from your clutter, Sell Your Crap is fantastic!  Adam has written 3 definitive selling guides for the biggest online platforms.  He’s also written one stellar guide to help you start to process by seeing what you need vs. what you think you need.  A side bonus to living a simpler life with less clutter is saving money by not buying new items to replace them.