Some of us, myself included, thrive on having a myriad of interests and past-times.  Psychology, dance, writing, Renaissance history, knitting, and coaching – we love it all equally.  This desire to do so many things can destroy our businesses if we don’t build them to accommodate all of our passions.  That’s where this book comes in!

Product: Renaissance Business – Make Your Multipotentiality Your Day Job

Creator: Emilie Wapnick

Claim to Fame: Blogger, coach, entrepreneur, speaker, and multipotentialite behind Puttylike.

Star Rating: 4 Stars!!

What it includes:

  • 103 page e-book
  • 10 pages of worksheets and exercises
  • Launch schedule and checklist
  • Free email updates

What I loved about it!

This book was written by a Renaissance soul for a Renaissance soul.  Emilie understands the urge to dabble in everything (she herself moved from music to film to law in college) and she figured out how to build a business that not only supports her multitude of passions but nourishes them!  In her book, she shows you how to build a business foundation, a theme, that encompasses your passions, and then delves into how to let that foundation set you apart from the single-niche competition.  Yes, you can rock your competition’s socks off with you unusual combination of interests!  Promise!

What makes Emilie’s book unique?

Besides embracing the fact that most creative people NEED to play in many fields to feel engaged, excited, and alive, Emilie adds a chapter on facing fear and recognizing resistance.  These two emotions can crush a business dream and limit your growth.  She shares the advice she gives her coaching clients to help you realize that fear means you’re rocketing to your full potential.

Best of the best?

An entire system!  That’s what this book represents: the entire process of compiling your creative passions, turning them into a business foundation, and then creating a site and community that broadcasts your services, message, and products.  It’s the system she gives her coaching clients and it’s what she used herself to go from a college graduate to an entrepreneur, writer, speaker, and coach.

If you’ve never felt comfortable in a ‘one-niche’ business model or if you dabble in multiple areas of study, this is the book for you.  Emilie bucked the system when she wrote this book.  Renaissance Business helps you create that business you’ve always dreamed of, the one that supports all of your interests (even knitting with cat hair), and shows you how to market it to the people who most want what you’re offering.  As a Renaissance soul who loves art, writing, Renaissance history, and folklore, this book made me realize that I could do even more to combine all of my loves and reach a whole new audience of raving fans who love not just my artwork but my writing as well!