To wrap up my series of posts here I want to talk about the best asset in your creative
business–you! You embody this very special power as the creator of your business;
you are the director, visionary, and specialist all in one. This lends itself to some pretty
amazing success stories if you let yourself tap into what it is you already do really well.
I encourage you to keep learning whatever it is you enjoy learning, but I also encourage
you to bring what you already love in your life to your business.

We often think we will find success if we have to do more to achieve it, but what if you
were already really good at something and used it to your advantage? The result would
be more success. How? Because when you work on something that resonates with your
inner truth or your highest self you will go farther within it. Connect with this person and
bring her to work everyday.

Think about the things you have always been drawn to, the types of books you pick up,
the blogs you enjoy browsing, and even the kinds of things friends often come to you for
or associate you with. When I did this exercise I found something very helpful–I have
for many years been the friend others call on when they need a slight push in taking a
leap of faith or trying a new adventure. That is a quality I get to use in my work–what
personal qualities are there you never gave much thought to before?

Draw these things out, be aware of your quirks, and let them be a part of your process.
Then bridge them to your work so you can be even better in your creative business.
Below I’ve outline 3 ways you can be even better by using what you discover is already

Here are my 3 tips for letting you come to life in your work:

Be singular
The best way to grab your customer’s attention is to be really great at one thing.
Make that one thing known through your words, products, website, and even candid
conversations. This isn’t about being great at making one thing–it’s about being great
at one idea. What’s the difference? Things are your products and really they are the
carriers of your idea. But your single idea, now this has depth to it! By narrowing your
focus on that one idea you will bring consistency and cohesiveness to everything you do
with it.

Be profound
Now that you are going to set out and be great at one thing I encourage you to be
profound at it. Being profound means taking the time to learn everything there is to
know about your industry, where it got it’s start and how it’s evolving, who the key
players are, and how you fit in or stand out. I find that it feels natural to be profound at
the things I already enjoy doing. For example, I have been in a helping role most of my
adult life in one way or another. When I set out to be a coach I tapped into that piece of
me that has always been there and found ease at being great at what I do, because it’s
natural for me. What’s natural for you? Use it!

Build it to last
Maybe your product won’t last forever, but will the idea you built your product around
last? Build a creative business with a strong foundation, something you can talk about,
teach, and pass along if you ever wanted to. To me, building ideas and dreams to last is
sustainability. It means sustainable work for me, and sustainable results for those I work
with. How can you provide this lasting effect for your customers?

To lasting ideas,