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How to Price Your Products Correctly

You've invested your creativity, time and hard earned money in developing your product. But before you can get your product into the hands of eager customers, you’ll need to price it. Pricing is part art, part science, but here are some guidelines to get you started....

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How to Build a Brilliant Brand

Having an online business means your branding is the first thing your potential client or customer is going to see, a first impression if you will.  Whether they are on your website or your Facebook page, your branding is the first chance you have to stimulate them...

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Mass is Dead. Long Live Snobby!

Mass marketing is dead. Seth Godin said so. I say so. And I get the sense you believe it. But are you practicing this realization? It's no longer enough to create a product or marketing campaign targeted at "normal" people. Run of the mill is run right out of...

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