I love a good sale.  But a great sale (one where you get such an incredible deal that you just have to phone someone up to tell them about it) I adore!  They’re rare but when you find a great sale, you know you’re going to make yourself a very happy shopper.
The Only 72 Sale is one of those rare great sales. Imagine getting 6 e-courses from the biggest names in the creative business world for only $197!  Yes, you read that correctly!  If I spend that much on a single course, I’m stoked!  But to get 6?  Well, that’s just a great sale.  This time, the sale focuses on taking an idea and turning it into a product, whether that be an e-book, a video, an engaging blog, or a podcast.  All of them add new revenue streams to your business and give you different ways to connect with your customers.
Let me give you the details short and sweet (in the event that you haven’t already rushed over and purchased this gift for your business yet).
  • The Only 72 Sale runs for 72 hours starting today at 12pm EST.
  • To drop just a few of the names of entrepreneurs selling their courses: Pat Flynn, Scott Dinsmore, Stillmotion, Gideon Shalwick, Cathy Presland, and Cliff Ravenscraft.
  • Learn how to: network amazingly, connect with your blog readers and get over the ‘blogging wall’, make videos for your websites and business (and how to create videos with content your customers crave), publish your book on Kindle, and add podcasting to your wealth of business ideas.
The Only 72 Sale only happens once or twice a year so if you want THE BEST deal on how to launch new ideas and media formats for your business, pop over to their page.  You can see a complete list of products and gurus over there as well (in case the ones I listed weren’t enough to get you excited).