Starting July 1, 2013, and running for 72 hours, the next Only72 bundle is on sale. This sale marks some changes at Only72. The packages are being taken up a notch, designed to be super-helpful and effective.

The Be Everywhere Bundle kicks of the new Only72, which was already known for its useful courses and packages designed to help you improve your ability to grow an online business, or even just get your name out there. Only72 is all about the tools you can use to improve your efforts to get noticed and make a little more money. This Be Everywhere Bundle is a great example of this, and looks like a super-effective Only72 sale.

What’s in the Be Everywhere Bundle?

So, what do you get in the Be Everywhere Bundle? Several experts are offering some of their most effective course. Here is what you can expect in this bundle:

  • Only72 SalePat Flynn offers Breakthrough Blogging, a course aimed at intermediate bloggers who have hit a plateau and aren’t quite where they want to be..
  • Scott Dinsmore offers four modules from his How to Connect With Anyone training which focuses on building quality relationships that can help you advance in your career or in your business.
  • Stillmotion (Emmy-award winning studeio) offers Better Web Videos which can help you get the best results — even if you are operating on a shoestring.
  • Gideon Shalwick offers Rapid Video Blogging, a course which can help you use your relationships to get the most for your videos, and includes a section on tips for helping your videos go viral.
  • Cathy Presland offers Publish Your Book on Kindle, which looks at how you can choose the right book to write for your goals, and how to organize your book — and design it for best results.
  • Cliff Ravenscraft offers a course on podcasting. A ton of content from the guy who is considered the Master of Podcasting can help anyone get started with their podcasting program.

All of these contributors are experts in their fields, and are known for offering quality information products. If you really want to “be everywhere”, this bundle provides you with the needed tools. Whether it’s video, audio, blogging, or getting your book published, you can get everything you need to make a big splash with your business.

How to Get The Be Everywhere Bundle from Only72

They’re offering access to the Be Everywhere Bundled starting today, July 1, 2013, and for the next 72 hours. The whole point of the Only72 program is that you get access to amazing content for an amazing price. But you have to act fast.

If you want to get access to some of the best tutorials out there, without breaking the bank, you can get the Be Everywhere Bundle for the low price of $197. When you think that some of the items on the list actually sell individually for the price, you can see why this is such a great deal.