We’re very excited to announce that the Only 72 Sale is here again!  This twice-a-year mega sale is the best opportunity to snag 15 great business e-books, courses, hardcover books, and audio worth over $1,000 for only $100!!!  But it only lasts for 3 days so act fast!

What does it include this time?

The most exciting addition this time is a hardcover copy of Chris Guillebeau’s new book, The $100 Startup. 

Better Blogging ($137 in value)

  • Corbett Barr – Creating, Marketing, and Designing A Blog That Matters
  • Susannah Conway – Blogging From The Heart (e-book version)
Passion-based Business ($137)

Freelancing ($111)

  • Ashley Ambirge – You Don’t Need A Job, You Need Guts
  • Men With Pens – Freelancer Package: Write for Web, Guest Posting Guide, Beyond Brick & Mortar
Confidence & Courage ($129)

Selling & Advertising ($144)

Technology & Systems ($171)

Artists & Writes ($130)

All for only $100!  You’ll definitely want to check out the Only 72 Sale.


In addition to the sale, we had the pleasure of chatting with the man behind the sale, Adam Baker!  I think you’ll really enjoy what he has to say about his own business and how Only 72 can help you with yours.

In case people don’t know about you and your amazing business, would you mind sharing what you do?

Hey, my name is Adam Baker and I’m most well know for founding ManVsDebt.com. The Man Vs. Debt community emerged as I talked transparently about my wife Courtney and my ups-and-downs as we struggled to pay off our debt, sell our excess, and travel overseas with our newborn daughter. Over the last 4 years, we’ve helped thousands of people fight back against debt, sell their crap for extra money, and find more fulfilling work they love.

I also have another project called Only72.com with a friend of mine. Twice a year we put together a package of the most passionate and successful business training books and courses and sell it at a HUGE discount for a short period of time.

We’ve done 4 of these sales now over the last few years – and it’s a fun project to work on as it benefits the contributors, as well as the end customers. It’s a cool way to get great business training a couple times a year.

What advice do you have for business owners when it comes to knowing where they really stand in terms of finances?

I believe investing in yourself and in your business is vitally important – but within reason. I have a tendency to OVERSPEND on areas of business that don’t need money thrown at the problem.

Instead I think being aware – and investing only in expenses and training that you know will return revenue to your business is key. That’s why I love helping organize Only72 sales – when you get a wide variety of training for one low price – almost everyone can benefit from enough to make the investment worthwhile.

If we’re still unsure if the Only 72 Sale is worth the purchase, can you explain why it’s such a great buy?  How will it help use creative business owners and freelancers get the financial stability, business success, and freedom we all crave?

I love these sales because we work REALLY hard to provide a well-rounded and varied set of training. You’ll get some e-books, some online courses, a hardcover book, and some audio/video programs. You’ll also learn about everything from copywriting to sales to blogging to technology. As a business owner, it’s insanely easy for me to get many times the worth from a small investment in a package like this. Because any one or two small ideas can easy earn me back my $100. But once again, I have to take action. It’s on me. I use these resources to spark a list of way I can improve my business (or launch a new venture) in a wide variety of areas. If I execute on that list, I know my business will thank me!

Don’t forget that the Only 72 Sale runs for 3 short days!  So check out what you can snag for just $100.  You won’t be disappointed.