After the post I wrote for Outright on Copycatters was published, I started receiving several emails from entrepreneurs who wanted advice about similar situations they had encountered. One of them from Stephanie at Cre8tive Designs, shared proof that someone on Facebook had stolen photos from her blog and claimed them as their own.

It was disheartening to say the least and I felt there must be a solution online that could help people crack down on others lifting original photos and text. I’m happy to say, I found a site that cam help solve at least one of those problems.

Tin Eye is a reverse image search engine that allows you to upload an image and quickly find out if this same image is anywhere else on the web. While it’s still not as big as Google in terms of the number of images it’s crawled online, it’s still a valuable resource to check if you want to ensure your creative work isn’t being used elsewhere.

{Featured Image via Tin Eye}