Product: Methodlite

Creator: Megan Gallagher

Claim to Fame: Creator of Method & Madness, a resource that offers creative business owners courses, e-books, workshops, and a little one-on-one to help their businesses succeed.

Star Ratings: 4 Stars!

What it Includes:

  • 12 page e-book
  • 3 blank calendar pages for goal-setting and tracking

What we loved about it!

Megan doesn’t just focus on the importance of goals but on the specifics of how to move toward them.  She outlines a great 4-step action plan to help you gather momentum and learn how to be proactive about your business decisions.  She also provides a wonderful list of ‘Things You Should Pay Attention To’ while tracking your goals, which includes everything from Units Per Transaction to Conversion Rates.

What makes Megan’s e-book unique?

Megan’s background in managing multi-million dollar companies makes her the perfect person to write this e-book.  It’s clear, concise, full of to-the-point tips, and several great lists that outline what to track on your goal calendar and what to watch every day.  Her approach borders on the analytical but that’s exactly what we creatives need to help us set “ambitious yet achievable” goals.

Best of the best!

We thoroughly enjoyed the calendar pages Megan provided.  They will definitely give you an extra boost of motivation because you get to see how your goals are coming along month by month.  Also, they have lots of extra columns for tracking things we never would have thought of, like events, promotions, publicity we receive, and new opportunities to come our way.  Isn’t that cool!

We were really excited to read Megan’s e-book, Methodlite, after her wonderful post, “Why Do I Need a Press Kit?”  She has a great business mind that takes the analytical side of business and puts it into the language of creatives (a language that involves boxes and actionable steps).  If you have some big goals planned for the upcoming holiday season, you’ll want to check out Megan’s little e-book to make sure you push toward them full-steam!