Chances are that at some point on Twitter, you’ll appear to have the me-me-me syndrome. Let’s clear up this hype buster right now. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you sell, it’s likely that at some point in time, the last few tweets on your Twitter feed has read like this:

– So excited by my latest clothing line, check it out here: LINK

– Just got back from shopping for fabric, fun day

– Hope I don’t catch my son’s cold, ARGH

While it’s totally acceptable to tweet any of the above, every tweet in a row shouldn’t be all about you. Besides the obvious reasons like bugging or boring people, it’s actually losing you followers.

When that awesome person you just followed notices your name in their latest followers and decides they want more info on you, guess what they see? A preview of your account with the last 3 tweets you posted. Those 3 tweets are essentially your audition to help that awesome person decide if you’re awesome too. If they’re totally selfish and all about you, do you really think they’ll cast you?

Remember to break up your tweets so you have a hearty mix of tweets that show you are great at networking (replies), sharing great info (retweets), and promoting your own work as well.

{Featured Image via Needed Wanted}