While we love e-books, we also have a soft spot for e-courses.  They offer community, a support team, and the feeling that you’re not alone (and that no question you want to ask is a stupid question).  This last week we fell in love with this e-course that teaches you how to market your creative work effectively and cohesively.  We know you’re going to love it because it’s led by one of the hottest makers out there today!

Product: Marketing for Makers, 12 week e-course

Creator: Megan Auman

Claim to Fame: Business blogger extraordinaire of Crafting an MBA and owner of Megan Auman jewelry

Star Rating: 5 stars!!!

What it Includes:

  • 12 lessons (one a week in both audio and written format)
  • Worksheets, action steps, and assignments for each lesson
  • A private blog and forum where you can connect with fellow classmates to ask questions and get feedback
  • Biweekly conference calls to help solve your marketing issues
  • Feedback, support, and guidance from Megan Auman herself

What we loved about it!

Megan’s true genius lies in her ability to ask the questions that promote deep thought and amazing ideas from you.  The structure of the lessons is easy to follow yet each one leaves you abuzz with at least 5 new ideas to act upon.  Her knowledge on marketing comes from years of selling and teaching but her presentation is still fresh and engaging.

What makes Megan’s course unique?

The program’s lesson are spread out over 12 weeks, giving you ample time to act on your plans and build up your foundations before you pitch the press and create hype for your business.  She covers everything from your website design to your product description.  The addition of the biweekly calls and the online forums creates a STRONG sense of community and added insight from the other creative entrepreneurs in the same exciting place as you!

Best of the best?

The last two lessons focus on helping YOU create your own, personalized marketing campaign.  From the product to pitch to the best marketing techniques to employ for your individual goals, Megan helps you end the course knowing EXACTLY how to make your marketing campaign a success.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level and learn how to create a cohesive and effective marketing campaign, then you NEED to sign up for the Marketing for Makers e-course FAST because the sign-up ends August 31st