You might have the coolest service or product in the world but if you’re not marketing it like a pro, how in the world will people find it?  This week I had the pleasure of reading a fabulous e-book by the equally fabulous April Bowles that teaches just that!  You’ll want to grab this e-book fast though because come Thursday at 8pm EST, April’s retiring it for good!

Product: Marketing for Creatives – How to Spread Your Message and Boost Your Sales

Creator: April Bowles-Olin

Claim to Fame: Business guru behind Blacksburg Belle

Star Rating: 5 Stars!!

What it includes:

  • 76 page e-book
  • Worksheets throughout
  • Exercises to get you marketing like a pro

What I loved about it!

This e-book is the ultimate guide for someone who wants to learn (or revisit) the basics of marketing.  April offers advice and tips on everything from photography to a press page.  She walks you through how to find your target market and how to land guest posts.  Her advice is hard-hitting but also very easy to digest and put into action.  This book is set up so that by the end you have tons of ideas of how to improve your marketing and sell your product like a pro.

What makes April’s e-book unique?

April packs this book full of her own advice and then adds a ton of resources!  Each chapter contains Q & A sessions from entrepreneurs like you and me.  This resource really answered all the questions that immediately popped into my head and helped me better understand the basic marketing advice she was giving.  April also provides worksheets that helped me define my target market and how to pump up my about page (which is the most visited page on any site!).  And if that wasn’t enough, she gives little exercises that allowed me to work through each chapter day by day via small tasks.  This really kept me moving forward with my marketing and made it more like a game, rather than the chore it had previously been.

Best of the best?

There are two chapters that really made me jump out of my chair in excitement.  I’m always curious about what’s the best thing to spend my marketing money on and April dishes out the goods!  She not only explained what to spend my money on but also (more importantly) what NOT to spend my money on.  I’m embarrassed to admit I’d been doing things the wrong way from the beginning!  But not anymore!

So if you’re ready to get people talking about your product, you’ll definitely want to pick up April’s book, Marketing for Creatives!  It’s packed full of advice that will get every creative solopreneur off to a great start!  And don’t forget, Thursday at 8pm EST the book retires for good.