I think one of the hardest tasks for a blogger is to continuously come up with topics to write about. I used to spent quite a bit of time researching keywords and topic ideas for my blog, however over the last year I have started using Market Samurai. Market Samurai is a great keyword research tool that gives you a lot more than just search volume. I have been using it for the past year and the results have been great, I’ve cut down my research time by half and have been able to target better keywords. The video blow is a short review of Market Samurai, I will try to post more tutorial videos at another time. Although

I am not a big fan of spending a lot of money on unnecessary tools and services, I believe some tools are worth the cost. Market Samurai is NOT a free tool, it costs $149. However, I’ll outline a way you can get Market Samurai at a SIGNIFICANT discount.

  1. Make Sure your cookies are cleared, I can only offer a rebate if I get the credit for the sale.
  2. Go to Market Samurai and download the FREE trial version (please make sure you are using an email address you haven’t used previously). When you sign up for the free trial you will immediately receive an email to purchase it for $97. This will save you $52!
  3. Once you have completed the sale through my affiliate link email me your paypal receipt and I will refund you $35 that’s a total savings of $87!! 

IMPORTANT: As I mentioned previously I can only offer the rebate if you purchase it through my link and I get credit for the sale.