If you get the Create Hype newsletter each week, then you’ve heard me talk about Tara Gentile’s Art of Earning LIVE teleconference that’s taking place February, 23rd! 
What you may not have heard is that today’s the last day to sign up for this amazing event. She’s bringing her LIVE event home to you virtually.  You’ll get to watch a whole day of talks with Tara Gentile, Megan Auman, and Adam King.  And you can do it in your pjs!  (And for 1/4 of the price to attend in person, which is awesome!)  You’ll also get to participate in a live chat and interact with Tara directly.
Tara was so nice that she even allowed me to interview her to get more information about her first live event!

You are the new preacher for the You Economy.  Why should we as creative entrepreneurs be so happy about this prospect?

The You Economy levels the playing field! The last 150 years of business have been about “bigger is better” or rather “bigger is the only thing that matters.”

The Great Transition and the coming You Economy mean that you are in control. You’re in control of what you buy and what you sell. You’re in control of the values you infuse into your transactions. You’re in control of how much you make and where that money goes.

The You Economy thrives on creativity & innovation — it’s what we’ve been lacking! — and creative entrepreneurs have that in spades.

We all grow up being told that artists can’t make a living off their work and thus creative passions can only be hobbies.  Why do you feel that’s not true in this You Economy?
I actually think that’s never been true! But the You Economy has given us tools – like social media – that allow you to interact with people all over the world who truly value your work. Value, as in, are willing to pay you!

Technology has made it easier than ever to communicate your message and share your art. The public is hungry for it. Commerce comes naturally.

What are some simple ways we can inject our passion into our businesses/sites in a way that our customers will feel it?

Speak from your heart. Don’t worry about being “professional” just worry about being a professional YOU! You don’t need to put on a mask or create a caricature of what a business owner is supposed to be.

Write in the first person. Use the language you actually use. Employ video & audio whenever appropriate to tell the story. Talk with your customers not just at them!

What do you plan to teach or what can we expect to gain from the Art of Earning Live?

The Art of Earning LIVE will teach you a complete way to look at your business – from start to finish. You’ll discover what the foundations of your business need to be for people to rally with you. You’ll learn how working with & observing your customers allows you to serve them better. And you’ll learn how selling is a learning process — not just tired old techniques and used car salesman language.

It’s my most complete business training to date!

If you’ve ever wanted to see how Tara could rock your business beliefs, you’ll definitely want to check out the virtual Art of Earning LIVE.  And don’t forget, today’s the last day!