When was the last time you invested in your business?  Maybe a month ago?

When was the last time you invested in yourself?  I’m guessing it’s been a bit longer.

As business owners, we get wrapped into a cycle of spending our profits on supplies, a new tool, or a new website.  And while this is all well and good, it makes us forget that WE are at the heart of our business.  If we’re not also investing in ourselves, we’re setting ourselves up for burnout, a loss of inspiration, and risk getting into a cycle of low self-worth.  (Let’s face it, we all think, ‘I don’t deserve to buy myself that _________ because I only made ______ this month.)

When it comes to investing in your business, it’s easy to see what that looks like.  You’re buying a new computer screen, renting a studio space, purchasing postcards to send to stores, etc.

Investing in yourself looks very different, and also very different for every entrepreneur.

Tara Gentile invests in herself with a weekly massage.  This not only helps her relax, it allows her to put her money into the local economy and support a small business.  By being more relaxed, she’s able to create more amazing courses for her audience.

Megan Auman took a trip to England to tour museums and gather inspiration for her next jewelry line.  Plus, she was able to find lots of new shops to carry her work.  Taking the time to reignite her creativity sparked new creations for months.

Erin Giles invests in Kickstarter campaigns and scores some sweet rewards, such as art prints, the first copies of music CDs, or even the product when it’s finished.  Not only does she get a nice gift for herself but she helps others reach their goals.

I myself signed up for a college painting course this semester.  I graduated 3 years ago but I never got to take this class when I was in school so now I’m taking the chance to learn a new skill.

You may be wondering why you should invest in yourself when you could save the money for your retirement or spend it on a new printer.

By taking time for yourself (and, honestly, most ways of investing in yourself revolve around time), you let your inner artist know you care about them.  You re-ignite your creativity.  You find your inspiration again.  You feel excited to start each day and you love your work.  You also avoid burnout, which is something that begins to lurk around corners come October.  You can even open up new possibilities for yourself.

So take $25 and an hour this month and treat yourself to something.  Perhaps go to Whole Foods and buy some nice fruit or a pastry.  Stop by your local craft store and join a quick class.  Take the bus downtown and visit your local museum.  The possibilities are endless but whatever you do, you’ll come back feeling refreshed and confident.

If you’re still feeling averse to this, just remember: If you don’t treat yourself like an amazing and worthy person, who will?

{Featured image via Getty Images}