We’ve never interviewed a financial coach before but that’s why we’re so happy to do it today!  Karie Hill is a kick-butt, financial freedom coach who is all about helping female entrepreneurs get a handle on their finances.  She’s been nice enough to share some great financial tips with you today!

In case some people don’t know about you and your amazing business, would you mind sharing what you do?

I am a financial freedom coach and the creator of the Date Your Dollars System™. Through coaching, speaking and writing, I teach women entrepreneurs and professionals how to build healthy, wealthy money habits while creating the kind of lifestyle they really desire.

I am on a mission to get thousands of women out of debt through my signature online program, Ditch Your Debt. When women get this part of their life handled, they give themselves the freedom to choose their careers, love and lifestyle. Things really open up in the most beautiful way. It’s so fun to be a part of this transformation.

You help so many people get into financial freedom.  Is there a common problem or behavior that seems to pop up with entrepreneurs in terms of what caused their trouble?

Most people that start their own businesses don’t do it because they love the art of mastering business finances and taxes. No way! That’s the last thing they want to do and I don’t blame them.

Because it all seems so overwhelming and complicated, we don’t do anything and just hope it all figures itself out. We end up having no clue how to pay ourselves, save for taxes, or invest back in our businesses. It’s really stressful. If you can do one thing now, open up a business account that’s separate from your personal accounts. Easy!

You are all about mindset when it comes to money, confidence, and even men.  What has a freer ‘financial’ mindset allowed you to do?

Mindset is everything! I always joke that my coaching sessions are 80% therapy and 20% numbers.

A freer financial mindset has allowed me to take more chances which has resulted in great personal and business growth. My money story comes from a place of hoarding all my cash like a TLC show. I felt like my self-worth was based on the size of my bank account and I wasn’t moving forward because of it. Through a lot of inner work, I was able to free myself of this. I’m no longer afraid to invest in programs that will help me grow both personally and in my business. I was able to leave my stable job and pursue my life’s work. Now I’m able to do all the things I love. I live in a city, travel all the time, make my own hours and overall, LOVE my life.

There are a lot of financial coaches out there.  When you started your business, how did you find a way to set yourself apart and draw in your ideal customers?

I felt like the financial world was very masculine and dry. I wanted to provide a space and a coaching practice for women that made them feel like they’re hanging with their best girlfriend. A best girlfriend that makes you feel empowered, helps you create a vision for your life bigger than your own, and gives you all the tools to make it happen while cheering you on. It has been a blast creating!

You’ve come a very long way since you left your job in law enforcement in 2010.  Was there ever a time when you feared failure?  How did you overcome that fear?

Yes! I don’t think fear ever goes away but I’ve made a choice to dance with my fears instead of allowing them to paralyze me. I think people put too much focus on “getting over” their fears. As soon as you accept that they’ll always be there, the sooner you can move forward.

Simple tip: Create a vision for your life and business that’s bigger than your fears. How do you want to change the world through your great work? How do you want to feel in your life? This is exactly what I have done and it works.

Want more money tips from Karie?  Check out her blog and see how she can help you get free from your financial problems.