One of the problems with setting up subscriber boxes is that it can be difficult to get a box that does everything you want it to do without installing several different plugins, some of which might conflict with each other. If you are looking for a way to grow your subscriber list without trying to fiddle with several plugins at once, Hybrid Connect might be your answer.

Previously I was using WPSubscribers on many of my sites, which is a similar “all in one” opt-in plugin, but you had to choose to either have a traditional signup or the Facebook option, which Hybrid Connect has a solution for. That plugin was also conflicting with some Headway extend blocks. Even worse is that it automatically disables W3 Total Cache so it could work properly, even after I explained to the developers about how they could simply instruct W3 Total Cache users to allow the cookie their plugin leaves.

Hybrid Connect: One Subscriber Plugin to Rule them All

Hybrid Connect works with nearly every autoresponder service, so you can integrate it with your mailing list. You can build a form that is completely customized to your needs with Hybrid Connect. The form is customizable in terms of colors, dimensions, buttons, and more. You may have already seen the pop-up on Online Money (or you can click in the list below to make it appear). Additionally, you can use Hybrid Connect to display your opt-in form however you want:

  • Pop-up lightbox
  • Slide-in/scroll-down
  • Squeeze page
  • Sidebar form
  • Post footer
  • [hclightbox id=”5″ text=”In-content”]

Not only can you create a form and set it up how you want it, but Hybrid Connect also allows you to automatically split test your options. You can create multiple forms of your subscriber signup form, and then Hybrid Connect will actually split test them for you. The plugin automatically compares performances, and eliminates the versions that aren’t performing as well. In the end, you automatically end up with the version that is most effective for your web site. Not only that, but Hybrid Connect’s integration with Facebook Connect and GoToWebinar are really impressive.

One of the great things about Hybrid Connect is that it takes place in one plugin. You don’t need to fiddle with special code, or get multiple plugins. Everything you could possibly want in a signup form is combined into this one plugin; this way, you don’t have to worry about conflicting plugins that can cause problems on your site.

How Much Does Hybrid Connect Cost?

There are three different licensing options when it comes to Hybrid Connect, all of which come with free updates for life:

  1. Professional: This license is for the developer who has clients as well as his or her own sites. You pay $197, and you can use the plugin on your own sites, on the sites you optimize for clients, and even on sites that you plan to flip or sell.
  2. Multi-site: With this license, which costs $67, you can use Hybrid Connect on all of your own WordPress web sites. You can use the plugin on unlimited sites, as long as you own them.
  3. Single-site: For $49, you can get a license to use Hybrid Connect on one web site.

For most serial web site creators, the multi-site license is probably the best choice. It is a great value, and you can keep using Hybrid Connect as you add more sites to your arsenal. It’s a very reasonable price for the value you are getting. If you are a developer, or if you offer optimization services, consider paying for the professional license.

Hybrid Connect takes a lot of the work out of putting together a signup form. You can customize it how you want, and use the plugin’s powerful tools to automatically split test various options.