One of the things that held me back from my dream of starting my own business and setting and completing goals for years was feeling like I had too many ideas to handle.

I remember feeling that it felt like more of a curse than a blessing…because I never felt like I knew exactly what to do with my life. Being multi-passionate, ambitious + full of ideas got in my way (until last year).

I know you have been there too.

It may have started with your chosen major in college (which by the way I chose a “safe” one) or your attempted business launch or it could be stopping you right now at this very moment from moving forward with goals for the new year. You see the people that so passionately know what they want to do and are working hard day and night to do it…and you may admit, but you are green with envy.

I have been there, and it isn’t pretty…and doesn’t allow you to shine my love. Well I have fabulous news for you….you too can take charge of all of your ideas and move forward, even if you start with just one idea.

Start by writing down all of your ideas. You could even do what I do and create a book of brilliant ideas for the year. Once you have all of the ideas written down, take a reflective look at all of them.

Some may be more important + passion fueling than others. Meditate on those. Which would make you the most happy and the most fulfilled?  Think about how much time they would all require and how much you would financially gain from them as well.

The ability to convert ideas to things is the secret of outward success.
– Henry Ward Beecher

If you could only make one of your ideas come true, if only one were possible…which would you choose? (put all fears, doubts and worries and aside) Go from there, take it one day at a time. Write down your steps to move forward on your one big idea and always include dates to have the action steps completed.

The multitude of ideas paired with the decision making, goal setting and action implementing may scare you out of moving forward even after reading this post.

If you are still frozen in your tracks. Schedule a flashlight session with me, and lets shed some light on what has you stumped so you can move forward + shine like the brilliant lady you are.

So tell me, do you ever feel like you are overwhelmed with new ideas…or have you figured out a way to focus on one thing and put everything else on the back burner without feeling creatively dry?

Shine on,