Have you ever felt lost about how to structure a good blog post for your business blog? Me too! Well, that is when I first started blogging many years ago. In fact, as I mentioned last week in my blog about blog topics for jewelry designers, my first blog posts were more like a personal journal than effective blogging for my brand.

I recently led a writing from your heart workshop for our Ramp Up Your Holiday Sales designers. The feedback I received from the jewelry designers was that often times the not only struggle with “what to write about” on their blog, but “how to structure a blog post.”

Therefore, today we will be chatting about the anatomy of a blog post!

1. Create a catchy headline

The start of any good blog posts is writing a catchy headline. I’ve read that also including a keyword in your blog post helps increase SEO and can drive traffic to your blog or website.

2. Summarize the gist of what’s going on

Make the first paragraph short sweet and to the point. Starting with questions can also capture your readers attention. You want to capture your readers attention by first drawing them into what the body of the post will explain or cover.

3. Insert pretty image

Using an image in your blog post is a must, and as a jewelry designer (or any other type of artist), it is your responsibility to show off your work at all times. I love collages of images pulled together or just beautifully shot pieces of your work.

With the popularity of Instagram and Collage apps, it’s really easy to create custom images on your smartphone. Or if you are a pro, photoshop is a great place to start.

4. Talk about a personal experience

Your readers want to know more about you! Give them a snapshot inside your world and your design process. People love to buy from people they know (or think they know if they don’t know them personally).

5. Add the main body of the post

Here is where you can chat about the premise or theme of the blog post. Essentially this is the nuts and bolts or the meat to the post.

6. Create a call to action or ask a question

Make sure your readers know what to do next. If you are speaking about a custom client or a trend that is hot right now, tell them how they can work with you or buy the piece. Guide them along the process.

You can also ask questions in addition at the bottom of the post to gain post engagement. If you are showcasing several pieces of art, ask which piece they liked best.

Go here to read a recent example of a blog post I wrote for my online magazine at TracyMatthews.com.

You guessed it, we want to hear from you! In the comments below please answer the following questions:

1. Are you currently blogging for your business? If so, list the blog below.

2. What do you struggle with the most when writing your blog posts? What to write about? How to Structure it? or something else?

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Many creative entrepreneurs not only struggle with what to write about on their blog, but how to structure a blog post. So lets see how to do it.