In 2011, the total value of the sales made on eBay was $68.6 billion. You can get your own piece of that pie by knowing how to sell on eBay with a little planning and effort.

How to Make Money on eBay

There are a few different ways to make money on eBay. Some of the reasons that sellers use eBay include:

  • Get rid of unwanted items at home and make a few bucks on the side.
  • Sell items as part of an online store
  • Sell handmade items as part of a home business
  • Expand the reach of a brick and mortar store by offering items online

All of these ways of making money on eBay can be valid ways to earn money with the help of the world’s largest marketplace.

Getting Started on eBay

How to Sell on eBay and Make MoneyOnce you figure out what you want to do to make money with eBay, you need to get started. It’s easy to get started; all you need to do is register for free. You can begin listing items almost immediately. Understand that you will have to pay a listing fee with eBay in order to get your items up. Be sure to poke around a bit and find out what fees and other costs you might have to pay as part of your eBay efforts.

There are two options when it comes to selling:

  1. Auction: You are probably familiar with the idea that eBay operates using auctions. With this method, you set a starting bid price, and then wait for people to bid up the cost of the item. You have the option to add a “Buy it Now” button to your auction, providing consumers the option to just pay a set price for the item, ending the the auction.
  2. Fixed price: It’s possible to offer a fixed price for your item as well, rather than have others bid on it. If you are sure about the worth of the item you are selling, it can make sense to use the fixed price method.

For some sellers, it’s even possible to create an eBay storefront. This can be helpful as you work to establish an identity, and as you work to become a recognized seller that others trust.

How to Sell on eBay

Now that you’re ready to begin, it’s important to understand some of the basics associated with successful selling on eBay. Here are some tips on how to make money on eBay:

  • Use images: Take pictures of your items from different angles so that your customers can see different views. Good pictures can make a great deal of difference in whether or not you sell the item.
  • Use keywords in your descriptions: You want potential buyers to find the item with ease. Think about what potential customers would be looking for. Use a good keyword in your title, and make sure to include one or two in the description.
  • Be accurate and honest: Make sure that you accurately describe the item. If the item is only in good condition, don’t call it excellent.
  • Respond quickly to customers: Sometimes, customers have questions about the item. Others might want to make a deal. No matter the situation, you need to make sure that you respond quickly to your customers.
  • Ship quickly: You want to keep buyers happy so that maybe they will come back. Make sure you ship the purchases as quickly as possible, and make sure to properly pack it so that it doesn’t get damaged in transit.
  • Rate good buyers: Remember that good ratings are a two-way street. If you have a good customer that pays on time, make sure to provide a good review for the buy.

It’s possible to make money using eBay, as long as you are realistic in your expectations, and make it point to carefully craft a strategy that allows you to make the most of what you have.