We love reading articles from the pros but sometimes we need a little bit more to really blast our product out there.  Over the weekend we found an amazing ebook that we couldn’t wait to share with you.  If you’re ever wondered the best ways to score publicity for your small business, you’ll want to add ebook to your reading list!

Product: Scoring Publicity for Your Small Business – The Low-Cost, Super-Effective Path to Fame, Fortune, and Adoring Fans (and you won’t even need an expensive publicist!)

Creator: Meredith Keller

Claim to Fame: Business blogger extraordinaire of Smaller Box and owner of Ex-Boyfriend clothing collection.

Star Rating: 5 Stars!!!!

What it includes:

What we loved about it!

Meredith’s approach offers step-by-step directions on how to pitch your amazing products and services to the press, whether they be blogs, shops, or the most popular magazines!  She not only tells you how to get the press you’ve always dreamed of but she provides you with sample pitches she’s sent out to big media outlets and raked in the glossy exposure pages.

What makes Meredith’s book unique?

We love a girl who tells it like it is.  The book starts out: I can give you the tools to score some great media placements, but this book can’t do the work for you.  Having the discipline to buckle down and follow the tips I’ve outlined is the only way this book can help you. But Meredith keeps you engaged throughout by reminding you that your goal is a flourishing business.  A little hard work now equals a lot of exposure later!

Best of the best?

Meredith makes you dream about pitching to a media you’ve probably never dreamt of contacting: Tv, Movies, and Celebrities!  That’s right; Meredith shares the goods on getting your product in the hands of George Clooney, GLEE producers, and maybe even the guys at MGM.

So if you’re ready to get your services and products in the hands of some top magazines, blogs, and celebrities, you’ll want to pick up Meredith’s, “Scoring Publicity,” and then watch the press come calling.