We have some good news and some bad news for you.  The good news is that starting March 30th, you’ll be able to get more analytics and stats from your Facebook business page.  The bad news is that starting March 30th, your Facebook business page is changing to a new layout.

I know, I know.  Believe me, I’m already groaning and bemoaning like a tired kid but that’s no excuse not to be prepared for the switch.  (And yes, you’re allowed to drag your feet and whine while preparing.)

The new design DOES have some benefits (which helps justify the work you’ll have to do before March 30th to get everything looking pretty).  It makes your About section more prominent and allows viewers more interaction with you and other fans!  The new Timeline function also gives you a banner, more ways to check out your analytics and insights, and the ability to post about your ‘milestones’.

Overall, we’re excited about the changes but that does mean we’ll be doing a lot of reading to figure out how to utilize all the new bells and whistles.  We were stoked when we found this in-depth (but easy to follow thanks to lots of photos) post by The Hub Spot that acts as The Complete Guide to Setting Up the New Facebook Fan Page Design.

The article explains how to set your cover photo (the big banner you now get at the top), your profile picture, and how to organize your views.  It also shows you how to hide, star, and pin items in your timeline to make it easier for your Facebook fans to see your successes. Best of all, The Hub Spot shares the best practices for the new design, which will help you use your Fan Page to its full marketing potential.

So, there’s a little bit of work required from you before March 30th but if all else fails, you can always buy a custom Facebook Business Page redesign from some truly talented people on Etsy.

{Featured image via Hazy Skies Design}