As a business owner, you are probably aware that you need a Facebook page. A Facebook page can help you reach more people, and it provides you with an easy way to encourage your customers and fans to share your content.

But, in order to draw people in, you need more people to Like your Facebook page, and visit it. So, how do you market your Facebook page?

Simple Ideas for Marketing Your Facebook Page

As you prepare to market your Facebook page, here are some things to try. They don’t cost very much (most are free), and you don’t have to pay for advertising on Facebook to make it work.

  1. Let people know it’s there: People need to know that you have a fan page, and that they can Like it. Your first step is to place a Facebook icon prominently on your web site, and encourage visitors/customers to click on it, liking the page. You can also add the URL of your Facebook page to your email signature, and to the signatures used in forums and in other settings.
  2. Tag others when you updated: You don’t just have to post your updates in a vacuum. Tag others when your status update relates to someone else in your industry, and you might see some additional traffic. If what you are posting is relevant to another fan page, you can use the tag feature to draw attention to your own content.
  3. Ask for help promoting your Facebook page: If you are just getting started with your Facebook page, it makes sense to ask for a little help. Tweet your Facebook page, and ask for help re-tweeting. You can also ask your fans to share the Facebook page, or invite some of your colleagues to invite the page.
  4. Hold a contest: Everyone loves a good contest. People like the chance to win. You can raise awareness for your Facebook page by offering a prize. Offer a $100 Amazon gift card as the prize for those who like your page. You can offer a number of cash prizes, or offer other cool prizes. You’ll get people excited about your fan page as they share with others.
  5. Post regularly: Make sure that you post regularly to your Facebook page. You don’t want it to get boring. There are plenty of social media tools, including Hoot Suite, that allow you to schedule your status updates ahead of time. This allows you to keep adding fresh content to your page without having to be present at the computer.
  6. Pay for advertising: In some cases, it does make sense to pay for advertising. You can pay for Facebook ads, and you can even use AdWords to direct people to your page. Consider using targeted keywords with your AdWords efforts. You’ll get better results, sending more traffic to your page.

You can successfully your Facebook page, and use that page to increase your sales, and to drive more traffic to your web site. With a little savvy marketing, and a few simple strategies, you effectively market your Facebook page.