There are plenty of website and e-commerce gurus who offer fast ways to triple your traffic in just hours ––but as you already know– if it seems to good to be true that’s because it is. Growing your traffic will take time, but with the right actions and a little patience you’ll see a return on your investment.

Here are 6 ways to get started building traffic:

  1. Build your blog: See your blog as an opportunity not a chore. Post on your blog regularly and create a range of content that draws readers from different pools. Use well written SEO posts to draw organic search traffic, informative articles to draw in those interested in learning about your niche and guest posts by interesting bloggers who write on your topic and will bring their loyal readers along for the ride.
  2. Everyone loves a deal: A special offer is a great way to win new traffic. Reach out to your social networks periodically to offering a special coupon code just for followers or a fans-only contest. Invite each follower to invites a friend to like your page. You’d be amazed at how often the simple request to tell a friend really works. Another idea that works is to print physical coupons inviting customers to introduce their friends to your product with a discount. Add a few to each order you ship.
  3. Be social: Look for ways to add value by doing things like answering questions on Twitter (use the advanced search feature to find those using your top keywords) or interacting with influencers in your niche by repining and commenting on their content.
  4. Teach your own DIY: Tutorials are all the rage on YouTube and Pinterest. Some of the 4 billion hours of online video watched each month could be yours. Keep your video short and show viewers something they’ll want to see and something that logically leads back to your website. Don’t forget to overlay your website address at the beginning and end.
  5. Make infographics: The only thing more popular than video is infographics. I was testing the water when I created my first infographic with Piktochart. Within 7 short days I had more than 1,000 repins and 11,000 page views. My infographic went viral, and over a year later still makes the rounds on Pinterest, bringing me new traffic all the time.
  6. Add your URL to your signature: Don’t under estimate the power of your signature. Add your URL to your email signature, your sign off and profile on any message boards you use and your social media profiles.

Like I said above, none of these options are “quick-fixes” that will get you tons of traffic immediately. But unlike those get traffic quick methods, the ones above really work if you put in a little elbow grease. Start now by sharing your website address when you comment on this post.

{Featured image via Adventure Diva}