If you’ve been in business for a few years, you’ve probably put some thought into expanding your lines by hiring a sales rep.  But how do you go about it?  What can they offer?  And, conversely, what will they want from you?  Help is here!  Sandy and Malcolm Dell, former sales representatives, have written the definitive guide to finding, hiring, and managing a sales rep.

Product: How to Find, Recruit, and Manage Sales Reps

Creator: Sandy and Malcom Dell

Claim to Fame: Bloggers behind Selling Wholesale to Gift Stores

Star Rating: 4 stars!!!

What it includes:

  • 70 page e-book
  • 4 page US Gift Mart directory
  • 5 sample sales rep agreements

What I loved about it!

The world of sales reps had always been a murky place for me.  I had an inkling of what they did but I had no idea how they could actually help me.  Sandy and Malcolm cleared that up right off the bat.  They broke down the lingo (like the difference between an importer and a distributor) and showed me what an in-house rep does versus an independent rep.  They also discussed the best way to find a sales rep that fits your individual needs, providing lots of links to directories and search engines.  For someone trying to find their first sales rep, I found this extremely helpful.  I also loved that they made a list of things I needed to do that would help me appeal to, and aid, the sales rep.

What makes Sandy and Malcom’s e-book unique?

Since the two of them worked as full-time reps, they have an immense wealth of behind-the-scenes knowledge that will give me and you a leg-up in the wholesale world.  They’re only too pleased to share how best to manage your sales rep through a carefully worded agreement, how to get the most out of a rep, and which personality types you want to avoid when hiring one.

Best of the best!

Sample agreements!  I stink at writing contracts.  My eyes roll into the back of my head when I have to read them, let alone write them.  That’s why I was overjoyed to find not one but FIVE sample agreements at the end of the e-book.  It makes writing the agreement so much easier since I have the sales rep lingo in front of me and can choose which parts are the most practical for my individual situation.  These forms alone saved me hours of research and hair-pulling.

If you’re ready to grow your wholesale business with the help of a sales rep, who better to listen to than sales reps?  Sandy and Malcolm have compiled the knowledge they gained through years of work into their book, How to Find, Recruit, and Manage Sales Reps, so that you can hire the right rep for you and focus on what you really want to do: make your product!  So take that leap and see just how big your business can grow!